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Our Company

ACCESSIT operates on the market of integrated computing solutions, Security appliances, Internet-cloud services and high-performance-quality infrastructures, covering a wide range of applications in the field of high technology. Within the needs of each partner, ACCESSIT features designer products from the major manufacturers in the world, offering solutions that meet the most demanding requirements.

The vision of ACCESSIT

Imagine innovations that simplify our lives and allow us to make use of the opportunities to the most. The role of technology is to serve us and not the other way round, because all the devices must operate and communicate seamlessly anytime, anywhere. ACCESSIT LTD develops increasingly to become the leading provider at integrated solutions in the areas of IT, computers - operating systems, communications systems, internet security (firewalls), management systems color (color management) and the specialized solutions and services cloud computing & Virtual technologies.

The Mission and Value of ACCESSIT

The last two decades, technology has changed the way we live and experience the world. We can now work, learn and communicate in ways that no one could imagine in the past.

Our position, as an important factor in the development of our industry, defines our corporate mission:

Mission of ACCESSIT: to provide innovative solutions in the field of information technology that allow individuals and businesses to take advantage of the potential to the full.

The philosophy behind the development of our products is the step-by-step progress.

Achievement of the mission

Passion for technology
Technology is the heart of ACCESSIT. We continually invest in the fields of research and development of our company so that we are always in position to provide cutting-edge innovations to people and businesses.

The quality is of paramount importance for ACCESSIT. We continue to refine the production quality management procedures of our company in order to offer our customers quality and cost-effective solutions that last in time.

Relationships that stand the time
Whether it is for end users, companies, organizations, etc, we believe in parallel development in all levels. The relationships that we develop with our partners are one of the major factors for our continuous success.

All the employers in ACCESSIT have a common sense of the purpose. We work better under pressure and seek for challenges. All of us work on the implementation of the same task, namely to provide our customers innovative solutions in the field of information technology, well and direct support and the maximum flow of integrated technology solutions (Information Technology).


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