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One of the most difficult services is data recovery as this service comes to save valuable information on a damaged hard disk, either functional or physical and cannot be read by any operating system (windows, etc.). Our company can save your data from these drives, with special programs and techniques that ensure maximum data recovery.

However, a prerequisite is that when a problem arises, no third party intervenes, attempting unorthodox methods to recover the data, unknowingly doing more damage. The data recovery service is performed in three stages:

  1. Determining the status of the hard disk with diagnosis.
  2. Select recovery mode (eg Format recover, sector recover, cluster recover).
  3. Select files to recover.

But under no circumstances can the diagnosis be made outside the company because special equipment and programs are required, especially for this task. Due to the multiple recoveries we have made following our client assignments we are happy to determine that only 5-8% of the cases have not fully recovered the data, while only 1-2% of the cases could not be recovered due to a mechanical problem. of hard drives. Please note that with a data recovery success rate of over 90% we are at the forefront of our excellent know-how and service.

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