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Computer systems and their peripherals are absolutely essential for the operation of any business. Determining this need for seamless use, availability and reliability, but also combining it with security at all levels, ACCESSIT has the solution in this area as well. Choosing the best and most reliable systems from renowned system makers creates and proposes time-consuming solutions to make your work more productive and unforeseen malfunctions.

ACCESSIT invests in equipment and human resources to create solutions by testing, in real-life, all the products that it later distributes to its customers. For ACCESSIT a product that has not been tested by itself is not recommended for sale. Therefore, having in mind the most appropriate solution for even the most complex application or requirement, ACCESSIT makes it affordable with high quality equipment and a guarantee that ACCESSIT itself offers. Trust and high demand for solutions are what ACCESSIT is known for by its customers.

Asus PCs and servers are ACCESSIT's first choice. Having manufactured and distributed hundreds of pieces in recent years, average hardware problems never exceeded 0.8% of total production. An indicator that demonstrates the high quality and reliability of knowing your ACCESSIT requirements and the reliability of Asus.

For large companies that require Blade systems and 99.999% reliability, ACCESSIT has partnered with the top quality NEC company. "If you ask, Japanese people know" slogan has long been proven high quality, reliable and secure for any Hi-end Server (Enterprise) solution for 100% continuous operation and 99.999% availability. Solutions that only ACCESSIT knows how to implement come immediately to change everything you know about IT and server management by making your environment and digital data user-friendly and secure.

Epson Cash Systems Solutions and Samtec sp4000 tax mechanisms are your first choice for reliability and immediacy for any commercial application. ACCESSIT provides certified and authorized technicians for the service and support of Samtec tax mechanisms.

The technology of screens has evolved significantly by creating professional products that are used in specialized applications. EIZO as a reputed manufacturer of high quality, sharpness and color screens is at the forefront of ACCESSIT's professional uses. With technology that offers added value, it touches absolute dominance on hi-end displays.

Printers of all kinds (lasers, inkjets, etc.), ACCESSIT works with the world's leading manufacturers to create solutions for every need. Any printing system can be properly configured to deliver the best possible results. ACCESSIT, being a representative of X-rite for Greece and Cyprus - a leading manufacturer of color measurement and certification systems and tools - knows the best solution for any application.

Ask us to keep you up to date on the latest developments in color management (See Graphic Arts Solutions - X-rite Measuring Tools).

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